Health Care Is Our Leading Cause of Death

download (17)A new Johns Hopkins study estimates that more than 250,000 Americans die each year from medical errors. This includes deaths from surgical mistakes, incorrect medications, and treating the wrong patient, and it places medical errors just behind heart disease and cancer as our biggest killers.

However, the exact number of these types of deaths is probably much higher because this estimate doesn’t include things like errors in diagnoses and breakdowns in communications. Most of all, it doesn’t include the countless times that an egotistical doctor can’t admit when he is wrong. The real number of deaths from medical errors is probably easily 500,000. How can this be?

Well, doctors come out of medical school with a unwarranted chip on their shoulder. They recognize that they have spent more time and money on their education than most people, and somehow they think they can do no wrong. Then when the inevitable mistake occurs, they can’t admit it. They use their training to their own advantage by manipulating the records to make themselves look better. And we patients are partly to blame because, for unknown reasons, we

Applications of Oxygen in the Medical Industry

download (16)Oxygen is absolutely imperative for sustenance of life on earth. It is the third most commonly occurring element in the universe after hydrogen and helium. Occurring as diatomic gas O2 under standard temperature and pressure, oxygen is odorless and tasteless. It is said that oxygen makes up 20.8% of the Earth’s atmosphere. In terms of mass, it is the most commonly found element in the crust of the Earth. It exists as part of oxide compounds like silicone dioxide comprising almost half of mass of the earth’s crust.

Taking oxygen from the air is the most important function of respiration. It is for this reason that oxygen supplementation is used in hospitals. Patients having respiratory problems are administered medical oxygen which increases oxygen level in blood of the patient. Moreover, it also lowers resistance to blood flow in many types of damaged lungs. There is a great demand of oxygen plants to meet the oxygen requirements in the health sector.

For treating diseases like congestive heart failure, emphysema and pneumonia, oxygen therapy is considered as an effective treatment. The therapy is also used in numerous

TMT To Map A Heart’s Functionality

download (15)It is extensively seen that individuals who have coronary blockages in the artery are likely to have a heart condition, which apparently does not show any symptoms. Of all the heart – related tests performed, TMT is among the few tests which can detect the problem quickly and efficiently. Otherwise known as Cardiac Stress Test, a TMT Test checks the ability of a person’s heart to react to external sources of stress in a controlled medical environment. Such a reaction is gained by either making the person exercise or give a particular testing drug. It further compares the circulation of blood in the heart when the person is at rest and when he/she is under maximum physical pressure.

How is the Test Performed?

A TMT Test usually takes up to one and half hours from start to end. Wherein the actual exercising time is only 20 minutes. When the patient is brought to the examination room, the nurse or the technician first records his/her blood pressure and heart rate, in the state of rest. Twelve electrodes are then placed on the patient’s chest. Nine

Top Five Tips for Finding the Right Urgent Care Facility

download (14)According to a survey that was conducted in 2011, 48% of adults who required emergency medical attention did not get access to the services because of their doctor’s unavailability. The same study showed that 46.3% were left stranded not knowing where to find an alternative health facility. Luckily, some urgent care facilities offer professional emergency services. Here are five tips on how to locate a good facility that provides emergency medical care.

Make Use of Different Resources

Clients looking to know if a particular institution offers these kinds of services can use the internet to do the research. Create a list of all the facilities then go the extra mile and evaluate the quality of the services that they offer. Reviews posted by other people online can also help one make an informed decision, so do not sideline them. Also, friends and family members can point an individual in the right direction.

Do Not Shy Away from Asking Questions

Once a list of prospective doctors has been compiled, it is important to ask questions to get a clear understanding of what they offer. Despite the fact that

Speech Language Pathology Labs and its Importance

download (12)The development of communication skills is a dynamic and active process which is shaped by interdependent factors intrinsic to all since birth. But there can be situations wherein this essential element may be missing since birth or lost due to an accident or injury such as brain injury, brain stroke, cleft palate, cerebral Paralysis, delayed development of the body, a mentally challenged condition etc.

Speech pathology or otherwise known as speech language pathology is a field of medical science that focuses on identifying and treating the above mentioned speech defects and helping individuals gain/re-gain speaking ability in the most effective manner.

Work of a Speech Pathologist

When we think about speech-language pathologists, we probably think of someone who diagnoses stutters or lisp. It is true that they do cater to those issues, but their scope of practice has a broader perspective.

Speech-language pathologists screen, evaluate, identify, and treat speech, voice, language fluency (stuttering), feeding and swallowing problems for all age groups as well as advocate the prevention of these disorders. The communication health assistants along with the pathologists work together and play a significant role in

Understanding the Most Common Questions About UV Sterilizers

download (13)If you are considering purchasing a UV sterilizer, you probably have a few questions you would like answering with regards to using, cleaning, and maintaining them. There is no need for you to be a complete expert on the subject but it is important that you at least understand at least the basics.

Take a look at some of the more common questions that people have about their UV sterilizers when bought from leading manufacturers.

Should I Test My UV Sterilizer?

Absolutely, your UV sterilizer should be tested on a weekly basis to ensure that it is providing the results that it should be. The tests should be done using spore tests that will help to verify that your UV sterilizer is producing proper sterilization cycles each and every week.

Is There a Load Capacity for My UV Sterilizer?

All sterilizers will have a load capacity and this capacity should be stuck to stringently. If you overload the chamber inside your sterilizer it will prevent from performing as it should and it could fail a spore test. Actually the primary reason for sterilizers to fail spore tests is

5 Easy Ways To Implement a Chronic Care Management Program

download (11)“Did you know as per 125 respondents to the Healthcare Intelligence Network’s (HIN) 2015 Chronic Care Management survey, performed in the month of January 2015?”

Actually, initiating a Chronic Care Management program (CCM) will allow your practice to improve patient outcomes and gross additional revenue without diagnosing more patients. Growing income without seeing more patients makes commencing a CCM program seems like a simple choice. On the other hand, there are best practices that we advise for creating a successful CCM program that will help your practice, your patients, and the end result, while avoiding problems for your practice.

Here are some tips for starting a successful Chronic Care Management program:

Find out who can be the participant

• Have signboard in your office displaying about the CCM Program.

• Find patients in your practice who have two or more chronic health diseases that present a major health risk and are estimated to last at least a year.

• Make patients aware that you will be offering CCM service and get their signed permission on an agreement to make it a part of the medical record.

• Persuade the patient

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Can Help Firms Cut Costs

download (10)Are you a retail pharmacy chain or a managed care healthcare organization looking for investing in specialty pharmacy benefit management (PBM) solution for your organization? Then look no further because there are alternative approaches that suggest costs savings and more. A custom-made solution can be the right answer for your unique needs.

For doctors, medical practitioners, specialists, pharmacies, and self-insured employer groups around the world, investing in a comprehensive solution that can automate and streamline key business processes is becoming a top priority in healthcare delivery today. So what could be more solution-driven than an integrated application that offers the best way to build distinctive capabilities and optimize existing business operations in all care settings?

The short answer is: it depends. Mixed approaches blending various factors and elements and the fact that there’s no one size that fits all determine the value that ensures improved efficiency and effectiveness to a client. However, delivering patient benefits data through the electronic processing that creates a free and secure pathway for safer, faster and more cost-effective care collaboration and connectivity may be a better solution to minimize costs.


Increasing Focus Towards Population Management With Accountable Care Organization

download (9)The Accountable Care Organization (ACO) concept is increasingly gaining focus these days with the growing demand of coordinated care. It is defined as a group of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers who come together to provide coordinated high-quality care to patients with a principle to provide the right care at the right time.

Doctors and hospitals in an ACO communicate with patients and with each other in the network to make sure to deliver the care for the needed. Unlike Health Maintenance Organizations they don’t restrict the patients from visiting other doctors or hospitals. If a doctor participates this program, his patients can see any healthcare provider who accepts Medicare. There are other differentiators that include avoiding the medical forms that ask for the same information repeatedly. The health care providers are equipped with the patient’s data prior to the visit as they communicate with each other. This helps patients in undergoing repeat medical tests as the results are shared among the health care team.

The providers participating will work with patients to make sure that the care decisions reflect their preferences.

6 Tips to Choose the Right Medical Transcription Service

download (8)If you think medical transcription is on its way out, think again. It is still a vital aspect of the healthcare industry that is undergoing significant changes. Medical transcription service companies would agree that physicians and hospitals used to the convenient dictation–transcription process still continue to use the service to save time and focus on their patients.

Medical Transcriptionists Fulfil a Different Role

The advancement in technology may have changed the role of transcription. With the implementation of EHR, transcriptionists are now engaged more in editorial tasks and ensuring that the software output is accurate. They are now medical language specialists offering insightful service to the healthcare industry. With EHR, healthcare units which were once filled with drawers and cabinets full of paper documents are now saving considerable storage space with digital patient records. This helps healthcare units to:

  • Reduce massive amount of physical storage space
  • Easily and efficiently file and access the medical records
  • Quickly share the digital medical records among physicians in the care team

The innovative method of record keeping helps the healthcare industry to provide quality care at lower cost. It helps in creating

The Return of the House Call


100 years ago, doctors making house calls was the most common form of healthcare in America. Today, that number is less than 1%. Two main reasons are the growth of large cities and the use of complex medical equipment in medical evaluations. It is much more cost efficient for doctors if patients come to them instead of the other way around.

The problem is this system isn’t great for patients. Add in the rising costs of healthcare, you have as many as 80% of the population forgoing preventive healthcare altogether. This leads to higher costs down the road as these people will likely require significant medical care. The Affordable Care Act has put more people on the healthcare roll. However, there aren’t enough physicians to meet this need. The American Medical Association predicts there will be a shortage of 90,000 doctors by 2025.


One solution to the problem is to bring back the house call. But how do you do it? One forward thinking doctor took a page out of the Uber playbook. Uber is a ride sharing taxi service that

Common Healthcare Services You Will Find at Top Medical Centers

download (7)The first thing that all medical centers should give is emergency services. Their emergency services may vary and the greatest are not hospitals, therefore they can deal with minor emergencies, but not with serious ones. Check with the local medical center and see what they can give, this way you know which direction to go in if you are faced with an emergency medical situation.

The majority of medical centers, especially in the United States, give top quality cardiology services. They will offer everything from physical examinations to EKG tests, they will also be in a place to check the patient, provide long term care and have the best cardiologists on call to help their patients as needed.

They should also offer a radiology department. Radiology can fall into one or more categories, but this usually includes x-rays, MRI and CT scans to name a few. Sometimes they will also include ultrasounds, any imaging that may be needed now and moving forward.

Then there are those that also offer ENT services. ENT, ear nose and throat, services are what is needed if you suffer with hearing

Now’s the Time to Take the Leap Into Data Virtualization

download (6)Data virtualization (DV) is making inroads in the healthcare industry. It continues to be a hot topic with many leading industry gurus calling it as a potential game-changer.

What most of these experts are opining is that how this seemingly new approach to data management can help them in cost optimization and efficiencies. Understandably, this aspect, out of many others, is of increasing interest to them and us.

Data Virtualization Interest Is On the Rise

While most organizations in the healthcare industry have derived a lot of value and quality from the digital revolution, others are not able to meet the challenge of data integration thanks due to ever-present bottlenecks of data silos and different frameworks. Moreover, even mergers and acquisitions of large healthcare conglomerates have resulted in the replication of records that are directly dependent upon archaic frameworks or on proprietary code. Compounding the situation, joining these frameworks is tied with strict HIPAA legislation and mandates, not to mention steep costs.

Fortunately, there is a solution to such a problem. It allows for efficient data integration without having to physically alter its present location. You

Health Check Up Camp for Underprivileged

download (5)Many years have passed after we gained freedom, and India is yet to offer basic healthcare services to its population at large. Government sources state that about 45 kids die every hour owing to respiratory infections and at least one dies every two minutes after suffering from diarrhoea. Again, two million children in the 0-5 age group die every year owing to preventable diseases. All this happened because they were not able to get healthcare facilities on time.

Therefore, the situation calls for timely diagnosis and care to reduce the mortality and morbidity rate especially among women and children. So, what they required was healthcare services to cater to their immediate needs. Such facilities specifically focus upon the marginalised communities living in the rural areas, urban slums and the inaccessible parts of the country. There are several non-profit organisations across the country working in collaboration with the government to organise a health check up camp for underprivileged people in India.

Comprehensive Health Facilities

They extensively organise customized camps throughout the country to ensure comprehensive health facilities – preventive, curative, referral and promotive to a section of

Tips for Effective Communication in Healthcare

Communication is the process of sharing information, opinion and feeling between people through speaking, writing or body languages. Effective communication prolongs the concept that transmitted content is clearly and successfully delivered, received and understood by someone in the way it was intended.

In a healthcare setting, effective communication between patients and healthcare professional is very important to provide great patient care and improve patient satisfaction. It encompasses the ability of healthcare professional to collect information in order to facilitate accurate diagnosis, appropriately counseling, therapeutic instructions, and establish caring relationships with patients.

Many medical professionals tend to overestimate their ability in communication which leads to patient dissatisfaction and complaints. Ineffective communication can lead to improper diagnosis and delayed or improper medical treatment.

Here are some tips for Effective Communication in Healthcare.

• Use Clear, Simple Language At All Times

Medical professional should use simple language to talk with the patient which they understand and are comfortable with. Do not use complex medical language, it will lesser confidence of the patient.

• Learn to Listen

Good communication requires good listening as well as talking. Carefully listen to your patient saying instead of moving quickly to another topic. Listening allows you to make sense of what another person is talking

Principles for Sharing Local Electronic Patient Records Across Organisations

download (4)The new General Practice (GP) system in the UK allows healthcare professionals across different organisations access detailed information of patient consultations directly. Until recently, data recorded in GP system were not accessible to other organisations or shared only via referral letter.

The British Medical Association has provided high-level principles to support GP practices record sharing systems. The new data sharing system facilitate better patient care while maintaining high level of confidentiality. Now, all data suppliers must meet the following principles standard set by the BMA.

1. Patient aware of new arrangements

Patient must be made aware of the new arrangements for their health information. General Practitioners can discuss about the new arrangements with the patient while consultation. GPS can also send information leaflet, inform through posters in the practice, websites or local media. Doctor should know if their patients are aware of the arrangements.

2. Organisations in the sharing

General Practitioners will decide which organisation accesses their patient records. The GP have to consider organisations involved in the patient care and whether patient information sharing would improve and is necessary for patient care.

As data controllers, GP must understand

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Medicare

download (3)Medicare has a lot of advantageous plans. These can also be termed as Medicare part C. This is obviously one way for the beneficiaries to receive all their Medicare benefits. All these plans are essentially required to offer almost everything that is covered under the original system of Medicare which are part A and part B. This is done with an exception of an hospice care and may include various benefits also.

How Does Medicare plan work?

These Medicare plans are offered by the private insurance companies that are approved by Medicare. Each and every month, Medicare is able to pay the private insurance company a fixed amount and that company can cover all the costs as this is according to the rules that have been set by Medicare. These plans come with many different benefits and types and may also vary by plan. Most of these will include prescription drugs in a plan type. The different forms of these plans are as follows.

1. Health maintenance organization or HMO.
2. Preferred provider organization or PPO.
3. Private fee for service or PFFS.
4. Special needs

The Illness to Wellness Path: Increasing Focus Towards Population Wellness

download (2)Thanks to the new reforms that are being adopted at a national level, healthcare is currently undergoing a major transition from a payment-based service to a value-based service model. The need for change is paramount in the context of the increasing prevalence that is been accorded to population wellness programs.

Workforce Trends and Wellness

More and more organizations now are fully aware and understand that a healthy staff is always a productive staff and therefore, population/workforce wellness programs are becoming increasingly prevalent these days. Greater importance is now being given to wellness programs to enhance the efficiency of their personnel with smooth workflow.

For example, within the emerging healthcare landscape, the new core competency for leaders and managers who need to remain feasible and agile will be how to manage patients within a population health model. If we talk about value-based contracting, where incentives are directly based on healthy outcomes/results, what we will find out is that different healthcare sectors will unite to provide services in the most suitable care setting, efficiently and economically, and also maintaining the level of care that contributes to patients’ health

Biocompatibility Testing – ISO 10993 Standard

download (1)Biocompatibility is a measurement of how compatible a device is with a biological system (not generating any local or systemic responses from a living system or tissue). In the simplest sense, a biocompatible material or device does not harm the patient. From a regulatory view, it is a series of tests that are used to determine the toxicity resulting from contact of the parts of medical devices or combination products with the body.

A medical device may consist of materials that are biocompatible, although the device itself requires biocompatibility testing and all testing is performed on the final product.

ISO Standard for Biocompatibility Testing:

    • Common biocompatibility testing, such as those described by ISO 10993, is conducted prior to clinical evaluation of the device or clearance to market the product. This testing involves analysis of the device if non-toxic and non-allergic as per ISO 10993 standard. The purpose of this testing is to determine the fitness of a device for human use, and to check whether the device can have any harmful physiological effects.
  • Implementation of ISO10993 varies, based on the risk associated with the use of

Handheld Medical Device Works With Blood Testing Assays To Detect Heart Attacks And More In Minutes

downloadA modern marvel in emerging healthcare technology, the Minicare I-20 is a handheld medical device developed by Philips that can quickly, and early on, determine whether a patient is having a heart attack. Largely used during emergency situations, it provides results in as little as 10 minutes, whereas standard hospital lab testing often takes significantly longer.

“Blood samples are usually analyzed in the hospital laboratory, which can easily take more than an hour to get the result back to the ED physician,” says Dr. Paul Collinson, consultant chemical pathologist at St. George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the U.K. “Point-of-care testing can significantly help to reduce the turnaround time.”

The Minicare I-20 uses assays that employ Philips’ Magnotech biosensor technology to detect heart attacks in moments. The medical device and biological product technology measures the patient’s level of Cardiac Troponin (cTnI), a protein which the heart releases during a heart attack. By identifying the amount of this protein in patients, physicians are able to determine if the patient is or was experiencing a heart attack, and if the patient needs urgent care.

The Minicare I-20 system